Corey TuT - Amerika

Album: Reality

From the EP Reality 
Available on all platforms 2.20.17 

Standing on the edge of control 
At the start of a war 
Can you open up your heart 
Or are you building a wall 
It's a simple choice to make 
Do you love or do you hate? 
Make the call 
Do you bend or do you break? 
Do you give or do you take? 
Right or wrong? 

What do you want? 
What do you want to be? 
When you come undone 
What do you want to see? 


It's a battle for the state of your heart 
A fight for your soul 
You can't say that the war has been won
If you throw the first stone 
Do you bark or do you bite 
Go to the left or to the right 
Make the call 
Is it charity or greed 
Insanity or peace 
The choice is yours 

Well you're locked and you're loaded 
Armed with lies you've been fed 
From those who would profit From/By keeping u/us scared 
It's all sideshow distraction 
And fabricated fear 
Ask yourself this question 
Your choice should be clear now

Koupit skladbu: coreytut.com